10 things I love about myself

Over the last few years, I have watched and read many things I hoped would help me in my journey to self-love. One of the recent suggestions I got was to write a list of ten things I love about myself–as well as a list of ten things I hate about myself. The first list is to help me focus on the good traits that I have while the second is to not only help me to understand why I hate those things about myself but also–and perhaps more importantly–to learn acceptance of those traits. Acceptance is forgiveness is love.

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I finally got around to writing those lists then decided that someday, I wanted to share those lists with my readers and followers. And that day is today. I am going to start with the list of ten things I love about myself–saving the list of things I hate for next week or some other time altogether.

I will keep trying to expand upon these lists, of course, but for now, here are just ten things I love about myself! It might sound a bit boastful but, I mean, well, that’s the point, eh?

10 Things I Love About Myself

10 – I give good advice

Of course this is subjective–and I may be a bit biased–but I do like to give advice to others. Sometimes I worry that the advice is unsolicited and unhelpful, but in general, I think I at least provide a new perspective and offer some wisdom. I genuinely want to be of help to them, and I do think that a good amount of the time, I am.

9 – I am a fast learner

What? Is this a cover letter for a job?! Seriously, though, I am a fast learner. I always have been and hopefully always will be. I tend to pick things up pretty quickly, which I think has helped me out a lot in life. I enjoy learning and I don’t like making mistakes more than once, which definitely contributes.

8 – My sense of humor

Ha, note that I didn’t call it a “good” sense of humor. Good or bad, I like it. My sense of humor. I make myself laugh. Literally–and this may annoy people–but I chuckle to myself after almost everything I say (haha). I am proud of my punny jokes (side effect of majoring in English?) and dad humor (side effect of being an old soul in a young woman’s body).

7 – I am a good book reader

I wrote this down and am now, upon review, going, “Wait, what does this even mean.” I think this means that I do like to devour books, which makes me well-read. So maybe I should have just written, “I am well-read.” Well, whatever. I am a lover of books and I love that I am a lover of books, also with above average reading comprehension.

6 – My imagination

As a Pisces, this means I am always far off on some imaginary world, alternative universe, fantasy land, you-name-it. It is a fun way to live. I like that I don’t just see the world for how it is but how it could be. I like that I can make my life exciting by just letting my mind do its thang (haha, thang…).

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5 – My compassion and understanding

Well, I did say I’m a Pisces, so I’m pretty sensitive and way too empathetic. I tend to avoid things that are painful or shut myself off to them because they just hit me so hard. However, I like to think of this as a strength. That I can understand other people’s feelings so well. That I can even feel their pain so directly sometimes.

4 – My quick reflexes

This is a weird one, but guys, I seriously have some amazing reflexes. I catch things really quickly and weirdly that I’m always impressed by myself after. I don’t even have any control over it. Once, I was sitting on a desk and my friend was talking to me. She dropped her bottle of water and I caught it between my feet within a millisecond. Okay, I don’t know how amazing that sounds, but I’ll just repeat that my reflexes are fr-eaking ah-mazing.

3 – I’m an eloquent speaker

IRONICALLY I wrote this down as, “I’m good at speaking eloquently,” so apparently, I’m not an effective writer, but I have fixed it for this post. Now let me preach: being an introvert in no way means that I’m shy or reserved or whatever. Public speaking does not scare me at all. And I like talking–a lot. And thankfully, I speak fairly well. Of course there are days I blubber like an idiot, but for the most part, I get ideas and thoughts across fairly well and–sometimes–quite beautifully (flips hair). My high school debate teacher frequently asked me to be on the team.

2 – I always try to improve myself

I mean, guys, c’mon. Guys. This is completely what this whole blog is all about! That is what this list is all about. I love that I’m always trying to improve!

1 – I have a strong sense of self

Move aside, Merida (from Brave). I have a ridiculously strong sense of self. This is why I’m always saying I’m very independent in spirit. I don’t like anyone taking advantage of me, trying to control me, or anything of that sort. I never fall for peer pressure. I never care if people bad-mouth me (even if I may have people pleasing tendencies in other ways). I absolutely hate being in groups (they all feel like suffocating cliques to me). This is the biggest and possibly most important aspect of my identity. I am who I am–or who I endeavor to be. Of course there are problems that arise from this, and it can be a fault in some ways, but I see it for mostly the good. This is something I absolutely love about myself.

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Now I want to hear from you. Feel free to list the ten characteristics you love about yourself down below or make your own blog post and PLEASE share the link with me! And thank you for being with me on my journey for self-love.


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  1. Tandra Smith

    May 22, 2018 at 12:40 am

    I love this post, Gal! I definitely think we need more self-love these days. I’m thinking about doing a post like this sometime soon and I’ll make sure to link you. Recognizing what we like about ourselves and what we don’t like about ourselves is key to understanding ourselves.

    x Tandra | ablackgirlblogging.com

    1. gallantly gal

      May 22, 2018 at 12:42 pm

      Thank you! Everyone could use a healthy dose of self-love for sure. I look forward to your post!!!

  2. Christy B

    May 22, 2018 at 6:00 pm

    Sometimes I laugh at my own jokes too 😉 You sound like a ton of fun!!

  3. Lani

    July 25, 2018 at 1:38 am

    OMG. I love this idea. Yes! Your amazing quick reflexes. Hahahahha. How talented are you?

    So, this will have to be my next blog post, and I’ll say I got it from you, and then challenge my other blogger friends. It’s so nice – gosh darn it, to remember what you are worth.

    Cheers! xxoo

    1. gallantly gal

      July 25, 2018 at 12:27 pm

      I’m glad you loved it and you’re turning it into a challenge to pass on to other bloggers! Thank you very much. I look forward to seeing your post 🙂
      And not to brag, but yesterday in the shower, I caught the shampoo bottle twice mid-air because the slippery thing kept trying to escape 😉 pretty impressive stuff

      1. Lani

        July 25, 2018 at 10:54 pm

        Hahaha. Show off. 😛

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