10 ways dogs can make you happy on Miserable Mondays

Sigh. Guess what day it is… Garfield had it right to hate on Mondays. Growing up, I always felt bad for Monday because of the universal hate against it. I thought, during my school days, that Monday was always the promising start of a new week, a week that could turn out to be exciting. A time when something new and great could happen. However, I eventually grew to truly understand the glumness of Mondays as the years went by (hence, the cynicism with age I mention in my intro post).

However, don’t despair, because Gallantly, gal is here to brighten up your Miserable Monday with the best post in the world–because it’s all about dogs! Cats are great, too, but there’s nothing like derpy, affectionate dogs to make your heart soar. They just do the greatest things. As trivial as these actions might be, they are enough to make you the happiest person on earth, so let’s get to smiling and aww-ing!

10 ways dogs can make you happy

10 – Welcoming you at the door after a long day

dog welcome

There is seriously nothing better than finally getting home for the best welcome of all time, a bundle of wagging tail, excited limbs, sparkling eyes, and ears laid flat with joy. You can tell that your dog missed you all day and is the happiest little dog in the world, and this is going to melt your heart immediately. No matter how tough your Monday’s been, you can look forward to going back home to your furry friend who had as hard a Monday without you by his or her side.

9 – Cuddling up with you wherever you are

dog cuddle

While I hate the cold, there is definitely one perk of the chilly wintertime–my furry friend actually wants to cuddle! My Silky Terrier, Coco, is chic and mostly has eyes for my mother–but what I have over her are my long legs, which he can use as a heated bed in winter. Whenever I am lying down, whether on my belly or back, or sitting up, he will immediately come crawling onto my legs. It’s a total win-win. I stay warm, he stays warm. He might just think of me as a convenient bundle of fat and warmth, but I am okay with being used like that. I will let my legs and feet fall asleep and turn to stone so long as he sleeps comfortably. Sometimes, he won’t even want to be on my lap until he sees something else there like a lap desk, which he’ll promptly demand I remove so he can lie there.

8 – Looking back at you on walks

walking dogs

I think this is an underrated one. Dogs are so cute when they look back at you while you’re walking them, especially if their tongues are lolling. They always do this once in a while, as if checking that you are having a good time, too. There’s something about the innocence and bliss in their eyes when they look up at you, oh thou leash holder, that makes it worth having to walk them even when you’re tired. They just look so happy outside, and when your gazes meet, it’s like a special exchange or bond. I even like seeing other dogs while I’m walking by or in the car look up to their owners. They’re not even looking at me, but their faces look so pure and loving.

7 – Kissing the palm of your treat-holding hand

feeding dogs

Feeding animals is always fun regardless of the type of pet. The thing with dogs is that they have these cute lips and a wet, long tongue they use to eat, so the palm of your hand will essentially be kissed by a dog if there’s a treat on it. It’s very cute and feels strangely satisfying. It’s quite soft to the touch. Thanks for the smooch, pooch! Try not to feed them too much, though, or they will seriously get fat. And this goes on to…

6 – Giving your face a much-needed washing

licking dogs

The feeling of a dog’s tongue is going to give you the bout of the giggles, whether you’re feeding the dog from your hand or find yourself being licked to death in the face (best way to die ever). Sometimes when I’m on the floor being super active and working out or super lazy and turning into a potato, my dog will come up and start licking my ears, face, and neck. It makes me giggle and laugh, which is a great release from stress or boredom. Sometimes my sister will hide a treat in my clothes and he will go crazy looking for it, tickling me again but this time with his sniffs.

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5 – Demanding that you pet them in all their glory

pet me

Dogs are a needy bunch. They need affection day and night, so some might find them too high-maintenance. But this is really one of their best traits, in my opinion. They always want your attention and love, often expressing this in the cutest ways possible. They will rub their head against your hand, literally use their paws to make you pet them, and whine because they only got 98% of your love so far that day. How can you resist, though?

4 – Begging you to stay or pick them up

begging dogs

Probably the worst part of Monday morning is having to leave your furry friend behind. Sometimes, begging just won’t work for the dogs, but at least it’s still cute to see them try by clinging to your legs to keep you from going out the door. It tears your heart apart because you don’t want to leave them, but it’s also really cute because they’re hugging you desperately. Other times, you might be sitting, when your dog suddenly stands up, wanting you to pick them up. They have great power of persuasion. How? By….

3 – Staring at you hypnotically with their puppy eyes

puppy eyes

My dog recently got a haircut so I could see his doe eyes again and man oh man, they are hypnotic as heck. There’s really no looking away. Dogs have two types of gazes: the piercing, hypnotic one and the adorable, puppy one. There’s a certain power in those eyes that will possess you to do unthinkable things like… scratch their bellies or make them even fatter with treats. In some cases, you may find yourself outside all of a sudden on a walk, wondering how you got there and who’s walking whom?

2 – Following you everywhere you go

following dogs

Dogs have cute tails and they are also just tails themselves. My family calls our dog, Coco, my mother’s tail because he can always be seen behind her, trailing her wherever she goes–especially if it’s the kitchen. This is why dogs are man’s best friend. They are always there for you and it’s super cute to see how loyally they trek around the house to keep you in their sight. Although it might not be the best when you’re going to the bathroom…

1 – Loving you as much as they love treats

loving dogs

Dogs love treats a lot. So when I say they love you as much as they love treats, I am saying that the love there is immense–as big as the galaxy. Dogs have such limitless, unconditional love for you that you can’t help but feel like the most special person on earth. You can’t help but love them back, if you have a heart and soul that is. Their love is what makes you happy because everything they do in this list, they do out of love.

So, are you happy yet? Is your Monday better yet? I sincerely hope so! (I know you all came for the pictures and gifs, by the way, so here’s a special extra.)





  1. Andrea

    July 10, 2018 at 1:09 am

    Words cannot describe how much I want a dog! I love going to the beach in the Fall and Winter because dogs are allowed then. I love to just sit down and watch them being clumsy! 😀

    1. gallantly gal

      July 10, 2018 at 10:41 am

      Omg yesss dogs are THE BEST!!!! >< That's so cute! I get a bit nervous when I see dogs in water though haha esp if they swim in deep, even though they're natural swimmers. Still so cute!

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