[GUEST FEATURE] 5 Unexpected Things I Learned About Life Through SimCity

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Ah, yes, The Sims. One of mankind’s greatest inventions. The Sims franchise has a whimsical way of helping you feel like you got your life together even when you really don’t. You may not get to be the fashion forward, millionaire arsonist you’ve always wanted to be in real life, but there is a time and a place for it and that is in The Sims. However, one version of the popular series has taught me that adulting isn’t always easy and that is SimCity.

If you’ve ever played the game (or any city building tycoon rom for that matter), you will definitely relate to the 5 quirky and unexpected lessons below!

5 – There is always a problem – ALWAYS!


Just when you think your little city has become a living, breathing utopia, disaster strikes – and in the worst way, too! Fires, increased crime rates, epidemics because the sewage plant is full. Suddenly, the water pump that has been working for hours malfunctions and spreads disease, the list goes on!

Life is the same way. There is always some little problem arising, and there is just one way to handle it: Take notice, build up, and start again! Replace your toxic relationship like you would that sewage pipe. Kiss that polluted oil factory you call a mind goodbye. Besides, everyone loves solar panels and wind-operated factories because they are futuristic and bright! Be futuristic and bright.

4 – People are never satisfied


Instant gratification is one of the many attitudes attached to your citizens’ desires. You build them a church, they want two more churches. Heck, even my rich Sims complained that there weren’t enough poor people in town (the fxxk?). Your city is functioning perfectly fine but there will still be an outcry for more shops, residential areas, and jobs.

Remember, people will keep on crying, and it’s not your job to satisfy them (in real life that is). Sometimes that second town simply has to go three days without electricity until your budget (life) is in order!

3 – Simply plan ahead

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You can plan a picnic but you can’t predict the weather. However, you can still pack that umbrella or get creative. Overall, taking a moment to play life at “turtle speed” and just regain your composure if necessary. Plan where your next big mecca building will be. Will the schools go next to the playgrounds or will the parks be for the wealthier homeowners? You decide – but plan ahead! It will save you so much time and Simileons because I cannot even begin to complain about how much money I lost on unnecessary road building.

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2 – We are all a little evil


If you think you are all good, you are a liar which already makes you evil, so welcome to the dark side. Seriously, who plays The Sims and follows the rules (pool ladders, anyone?). Sometimes in SimCity you just need to renovate. You need change, and the only way to do that is to manipulate and create various “natural” disasters and disease, as well as to plague the land.

People have intentions, and will do anything for them. What was yesterday’s most valuable asset could be today’s garbage. The option to summon tornadoes and tsunamis are there in the game and also in your real life. Destroy or be destroyed.

1 – Politics are corrupt – period


Politics was always bad news, and SimCity proves it. As their mayor, you get requests unimaginable. I once received an offer from the notorious Dr. Vu to turn my blooming factory area into a crime joint. I said no, simply because neither my town nor I was ready for a huge life of crime yet.

I once poisoned a section of my town just because I didn’t want to manually rebuild it. I even let the protesters sit outside city hall complaining about clean running water for days simply because the factories needed it to operate. “It is for the greater good,” I would mutter to myself – and in that moment it truly was. The most important thing is upgrading the mayor’s mansion, anyway!

So what did you think of this mind blowing truth bomb? SimCity has truly prepared me for adulthood in more ways than I could’ve imagined. How did it change your mind? Let me know! You can purchase the game for yourself here* and check out more guest features here.



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