[Movie Review] Avengers: Infinity War

I finally got to see the long-awaited Avengers: Infinity War last week and am excited to give you my thoughts! Can you believe it’s been a whole decade since Marvel first embarked on this ridiculously incredible journey into cinema? Iron Man was released in 2008, which is why Marvel Studios was written as MARVEL STUD10S at the beginning–a cute little fact for you. But seriously, that’s crazy. it’s taken a decade with so many teasers and ending credit scenes to get us here to the biggest, baddest wolf of all: Thanos. Was it worth the wait?

Hell yes, it was worth the wait. You probably saw many reactions and reviews already with people just losing their minds after watching three hours of the latest Avengers movie. Yup, that was me afterwards. I kept switching between also losing my mind at howΒ crazy the movie was (in a totally good way) and just numb in shock like, “What did I just watch?” (also in a good way).

[Movie Review] Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War was jam-packed with all of your favorite heroes (okay, not all, but most of them). You have the original Avengers and then some of the newer faces like Doctor Strange and Spiderman. You have the universe of Thor and Loki, plus the universe of Guardians of Galaxy. This movie was a ton of superheroes and universes colliding, which was pretty awesome–and most importantly, very smoothly done. There were lots of transitioning, and I could tell why the actors themselves were curious about the final product because I could tell a lot of them filmed in separate groups. I’m really curious about how they navigated everyone’s schedules and locations.

You could even see the subtle stylistic and tonal differences depending on which universe or characters the movie is focusing on at that moment. The friend I went to watch the movie with said that it felt a bit off because of this, but I personally thought it was very smoothly done. After all, they mostly stuck to the tone that’s true to Marvel: lighthearted comedy and a lot of heart. This was maintained throughout, so I felt no real problem with the shifts from the heavily sci-fi world of Guardians of Galaxy to the more fantastical nature of Doctor Strange to the more traditional narrative of Iron Man to the youthful and witty vibe of Spiderman. As a matter of fact, color me impressed that all of the writers and the two directors were able to work together this perfectly to avoid a disjointed final product.

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Another excellent aspect is the chemistry and dynamic among all the characters. They are all very good at bouncing off on another with jokes and comebacks, which is what makes Marvel so special. Even though the movie could be considered a heavier, more dramatic one than all of its predecessors, Marvel never loses sight of itself, inserting humor so suddenly and randomly that it surprises laughter out of you yet in a way that still works. Marvel does this so well: taking on serious content without taking itself too seriously. Plus, the more drama there is, the more people try to relieve the tension with humor even in real life, after all, so it felt realistic and I could still feel the nerves and uncertainty even as the characters make jokes.

DC Universe Deadpool

Yeah, keep the dark stuff for DC

ThereΒ is such a thing as being too jam-packed, though. I don’t have too much of a complaint about this, but do want to note that this movie is action scene after action scene in rapid succession. At first, I was excited and impressed by the fast pacing, but in the middle, I do have to admit that I got a bit worn out. Maybe I’m too old for this. Or too much of an introvert and needed an intermission for a recharge, but even though I tried to keep this weariness at bay, I did notice that in the middle, I got a bit tired and a tinge distracted. Do not drink water all day if you’re going to see this movie in theaters because there is really no down-time for a bathroom break.

Overall, the cinematography, effects, story, music, acting, and pretty much every thing was amazing about this movie. Regarding the message, I think what I especially liked (and was frustrated with) is that, even with superheroes, there is plenty of room for human error. Additionally, the motive behind Thanos’s actions is pretty interesting. I like it when there’s a complex antagonist who gets you thinking about morals and the greater good. I don’t know if there was a particularly memorable fight scene come to think of it… maybe because there were so many, but they were all enjoyable.

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That’s really all I have to say about it. You know that if you walk out of the theater in a daze with a limited vocabulary of, “That was crazy! What did I just watch? Oh my god,” you know it was a good movie. If you haven’t already, go watch it!



*Okay, it was not the best thing I ever watched, but I wanted to give it a higher rating than Black Panther for overall quality. Kudos to cast and crew!*


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  1. Christy B

    May 30, 2018 at 8:34 pm

    It was and IS awesome πŸ˜€ I am with you on that!

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