Book Review: A Beautiful Mind, A Beautiful Life by Lindy Tsang
(**Spoiler-free; full title A Beautiful Mind, A Beautiful Life: The Bubz Guide to Being Unstoppable**)

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A Beautiful Mind, A Beautiful Life Book Review

One of my favorite YouTubers, bubzbeauty, has released a heartwarming book under her real name, Lindy Tsang, called A Beautiful Mind, A Beautiful Life, so of course I grabbed a copy and read it as quickly as possible!

As a quick background, Lindy Tsang was one of the first beauty gurus to hit it big on YouTube ten years ago. Since then, however, she has really grown as an inspirational figure and role model, much beloved for her vlogs that showcase what she and her family have been up to. I watch her vlogs almost religiously, so there may be some bias in this review–but I do think that it helps to know who she is as a person so you can read the book in her voice. That will only enrich your experience, I assure you.

Moving on, the A Beautiful Mind, A Beautiful Life started off a bit rough for me. It did take me a few pages to get into it and for Lindy (I shall just call her bubz) to find her voice and get comfortable with it. Don’t get me wrong–her writing was great. There was an easy flow to it, and I liked the format. This book was a challenge on a personal level because it was daunting and direct. It really made me take a deep look at myself, I was put on the defensive, and I was overwhelmed with negative thoughts like, “I can never be like her,” “She’s so positive and blessed!” and, “She makes it sound so easy,” but knowing I was the problem, I powered through and am happy that I did, especially because she addresses these insecurities later. You want a book that challenges you on such a personal level as this. She’s firm and honest, which not everyone can handle but needs. About one-thirds into A Beautiful Mind, A Beautiful Life, I became much more comfortable and inspired; her book kept on getting better, her voice kept getting stronger, and I just couldn’t put it down.

It’s amazing that this is pretty much like any other self-help book with the almost cliche messages of be positive, be kind, love yourself, and all other typical lessons–but the book itself is far from typical, which sets it apart from the rest. While the others strive to show and tell, bubz is on the personal journey with you by reliving her own experiences and mentoring you every step of the way. She narrates in her signature voice: bubbly, relatable, and personable. But she’s also open and human like a friend, a sister, a mentor.

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She has a gift in writing with beautiful, immensely accurate metaphors that made me go, “Whoa,” a lot of the time. And she goes in-depth with her personal stories and examples, not afraid to expose herself to the bone no matter how painful it might be. This is very admirable, because I see so many people try to sugarcoat things, but she always acknowledges that she also falls into the traps of the flaws she warns against in the book, such as gossiping and having high expectations of others. It’s comforting to know she’s had her hot-tempered moments, that she’s been lectured by others. The latter is especially important. She appreciates and learns from people around her, inspiring you to internalize these lessons just as she had. Bubz is never defensive or close-minded, even inviting her husband, Tim, to provide his own perspective on a particularly deep and personal time in their married life so everyone can get the full picture. She knows the advice she gives aren’t always easy to follow, but the important thing is to try.

I remember when bubz was talking about her book in a vlog, she said she really wanted it to be a book that will inspire everyone. She wanted it to be something that girls would share with others, like their friends and sisters. I am already thinking of a list of people I know who needs her words of wisdom or would appreciate the stories she has to share, so she definitely succeeded in what she wanted to do. The book does get a bit repetitive near the end, but it helps drive the messages home. I recommend reading A Beautiful Mind, A Beautiful Life, as well as checking out her vlogs on YouTube!

Ask yourself this: Do you want to be happy? Do you want to become a better you? Then let bubz help and inspire you as she did me and buy your copy now!





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