Which Bennet sister from Pride and Prejudice are you?

I’m in the mood to rewatch Pride and Prejudice (2005) for like the 200th time. Instead of doing that, because it is a fairly long movie, I decided to make a quiz on it instead. Everyone wants to be part of the kooky but lovable Bennet family! Which Bennet sister from Pride and Prejudice are you?

Are you the lovely Jane? The fierce Elizabeth? The forgettable Mary? The naive Kitty? Or the troublemaking Lydia? You will only know which Bennet sister you are at the end of this quiz…

[Quiz] Which Pride & Prejudice sister are you?

Which Bennet sister from Pride & Prejudice are you?

How do you behave around a romantic interest?

1. pine from afar--that's what social media is for
2. giggle at everything and make a fool of thyself
3. spend time with them to get to know them better
4. the. most. aggressive. flirting. ever.
5. meh I'm not interested #single4lyfe

How do you keep yourself educated?

1. read, read, read
2. observe people and society
3. I'm smart enough already
4. listen to educated people
5. I don't

Pick something very millennial.

1. avocado toast
2. millennial pink
3. Twitter wars
4. podcasts

You were told a funny joke! You...

1. chuckle
2. giggle
3. snort
4. don't get it
5. smile

What is family to you?

1. the most valuable thing in life
2. an embarrassment...
3. a useful resource
4. a burden, a pressure
5. my besties for life!

All 5 questions completed!

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[Quiz] Which Pride & Prejudice sister are you?

Once done, head over to see which bachelor from Pride and Prejudice you are destined to wed.


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