[Quiz] Which Brooklyn Nine-nine Captain Are You?

Your favorite captain may be Raymond Holt (don’t you dare you call him Ray), but he’s actually not the only captain in Brooklyn Nine-Nine! The precinct has gone through many rapid changes in leadership, and you would know that as a true fan. What you may not know, however, is which of those captains you are!

Take the quiz below to find out which captain from Brooklyn Nine-Nine you are! Let me know if you are happy with the results and which captain is actually your favorite.


Happy quiz taking!

[Quiz] Which Brooklyn Nine-Nine Captain are you?

Who is your favorite detective?

Rosa Diaz
Amy Santiago

When going after a goal, you rely most on...

1. hard work
2. luck
3. cunning
4. preparation
5. what goals

What do you want to be in charge of the most at work?

1. the snacks
2. office supplies
3. nicknames
4. every. single. damn. thing.
5. happiness

Pick a dance to learn!

1. I'd rather sleep
2. all '80s dance moves
3. stomping
4. Irish step
5. ballroom

What kind of humor do you appreciate the most?

1. I don't laugh
2. Crude
3. Political Cartoons
4. Knock Knock
5. Witty

All 5 questions completed!

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[Quiz] Which Brooklyn Nine-Nine Captain are you?

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