[Quiz] Prepare for a cozy Christmas day to see what the new year will bring you

It’s that time of year! The Christmas bells are ringing, sleigh bells are jingling, and everyone is waiting in fear or anticipation for the ball to drop on the new year. Which is it for you? Fear? Anticipation? Both? 

Before you get to that, Christmas is coming up in a few days! Can you believe it already? The last quarter of this year has gone by so quickly, and so the holidays are hitting us like a sudden blizzard.

I am sure all of us are excited for the holidays but also wondering what 2019 will bring us, so let’s take this cozy quiz and look forward to the future with hope!

[Quiz] Prepare for a cozy Christmas day to see what the new year will bring you

What song are you putting on repeat for the day?

Pick a Christmas movie to watch with family!

Now pick a chick flick that is perfect to watch for the holidays.

What gift are you happiest about receiving?

What are you drinking all day?

Pick a blanket to snuggle up in with your movie and drink.

How do you feel about the new year?

Finish the day off with a treat!

[Quiz] Prepare for a cozy Christmas day to see what the new year will bring you
So much love

Whether it’s from friends, family, your current SO, or a new love interest, you will receive the blessing of love in the upcoming year! You will feel so appreciated and truly precious, not only with the special people in your life but also—and perhaps most importantly—with yourself.
All the success

You are a driven person who always has big plans and goals, even if they stay in your head like dreams that are as wispy and unattainable as clouds. Chin up, because whether you’ve been working your butt off this whole time or dreaming big, you will face immense success in the new year!
A better you

You will see immense personal growth and confidence in the following year. You always want to be a better person so you’re always striving for development and positive change—you will finally see the improvement and reap the benefits of this next year as someone you have always wanted to be.
Such fun memories

Next year is going to be an adventure for you! You’re going to go all out on creating fun memories and putting yourself out there. Whether you finally go skydiving, take that trip to Jeju Island, or join a local bowling league, you will put yourself out there and have too many moments to capture on Polaroid.
A huge change for the better

Something drastic will happen to you next year—but it will be a good thing! Change can be scary but you’ll find yourself facing a huge turning point in your life, whether it’s getting married, relocating to somewhere entirely different, landing that dream job, finding fame, etc. Whatever it is—it will be pivotal, a year to look back on.

Looks like so many exciting things are coming up in your future, whether it’s love, a new job, your own place, you name it–maybe even all of that.

I hope you have a great Christmas and new year everyone! To help you with your goals for 2019, check out my guide to making resolutions


gallantly gal



  1. Anna

    October 20, 2019 at 12:20 pm

    Apparently 2020 will bring me so much love <3 Thank you!!

    1. gallantly gal

      October 22, 2019 at 11:32 pm

      That’s great!! I am so excited for you and 2020 💖

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