[Quiz] Which Disney/Pixar grandma will you become?

Everyone’s a sucker for a good Disney/Pixar movie, but have you noticed how many awesome grandmas are front and center in some of the very best? Let’s figure out which awesome Disney/Pixar grandma you are by taking this fun quiz below!

[Quiz] Which Disney/Pixar Grandma will you become?

You always like a man/woman in…

Your grandkids are misbehaving. You…

Which Marvel quote do you see yourself saying often?

What do you want to do most on vacation?

What advice would you give to people in their twenties?

Which Disney/Pixar Grandma will you become?
Grandmother Fa (Mulan)

You are the fun Grandmother Fa from Mulan! You are very supportive of the youth, wanting them to relax and just have fun with their lives. You are quirky, easygoing, and playful with a touch of sass, never taking things too seriously and always welcoming eye candy.
Abuelita/Elena Rivera (Coco)

You are the tough Abuelita Elena Rivera from Coco! You rule the family with an iron fist, but only out of love and immense protectiveness. You are very caring but watch out for when you’re mad! You WILL be listened to! And you WILL overfeed everyone!
Ellie (Up)

You’re the kind Ellie from Up! You have an adventurous spirit that never dies out and you don’t ask for much from life, rather you find everyday life to be the most exciting adventure. You view everything with gratitude and an infectious optimism.
Gramma Tala (Moana)

You’re the reliable Gramma Tala from Moana! You are as free-spirited as they get, and some people may think you’re a bit kooky or daydreamy, but you’re quite wise and world-weary. You have great understanding of people and never stray from who you truly are.

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Share your results below! I want to know which Disney/Pixar grandma you are!


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  1. Nat

    July 3, 2018 at 4:28 pm

    I’m Granny Fa from Mulan. Lol I completely forgot she had an eye for hot guys. 😉

    1. gallantly gal

      July 3, 2018 at 5:08 pm

      Future Cougar in the making right here! xDDD haha I love Granny Fa! I got the granny from Moana.

  2. TheTruePixarFanatic

    January 27, 2020 at 11:16 am

    Most Disney/Pixar personality quizzes give you just the Pixar-only results, but tricking me into thinking I’m going to get one of those only to end up with a classic Disney type instead is just ridiculous! This is the kind of thing that irritates me about personality quizzes: The kinds of those that trick you into taking a Pixar quiz only for the results to end up containing that of either classic Disney or DreamWorks–none of which have anything to do with Pixar in general at all! It’s just like with that one other quiz I’ve seen for “Which Disney/Pixar Grown-Up’s Movie Describes Your Life”, in which both the thumbnail and one of the results happens to be that of Shrek (which is actually from DreamWorks, not Pixar). Also, looking at the result I got from this quiz it bothers me how I clicked the link because of Carl and Ellie being in the header image and yet I get a result from Mulan, which is entirely classic Disney and nothing to do with Pixar whatsoever. And, looking at the comments, I have to remind you that Moana is also a classic Disney and not from Pixar either. I don’t know what you and the other quiz makers are thinking with putting non-Pixar results into what is supposedly a “Pixar quiz” just because of the title itself, but maybe you and those other quiz-makers should really be thinking twice next time about the actual end results before specifying what kind of quiz it is…in other words, this quiz should really just be containing only “Disney” in the title because that’s all it really is! There’s a reason why the blog writers over at Oh My Disney separate the Disney quizzes from the Disney/Pixar quizzes or otherwise just call it a “Disney or Disney/Pixar” quiz, you know: It’s only considered a real Pixar quiz if all and every single one of the end results to be gotten are those of just the actual Pixar movies/shorts/characters/quotes/songs only; otherwise, don’t call it a “Pixar quiz”!

    1. Gallantly, gal

      January 27, 2020 at 11:34 am

      Hi! I think what you are saying is Disney/Pixar only includes Pixar? I wrote Disney/Pixar in order to include both Disney and Pixar results without realizing that it might look to be only Pixar as a part of Disney. Thank you for the information and taking the time for my quiz.

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