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Hey guys! Over the last few days, I tried watching Good Omens on Amazon Prime. I heard great things about it and it seemed interesting. There are six total episodes, and each one is in a one-hour long format. It centers on an angel named Aziraphale and demon named Crowley who try to stop Armageddon. Here’s my Good Omens review!

armageddon good omens

In a quick wrap-up of my Good Omens review, I would like to recommend that you give this show a try because it was genuinely different from other shows with a promising premise and lots of talent. However, I can’t say that I thoroughly enjoyed the series. It was a bit of a hot mess—which works sometimes. For me, it fell a bit short because it was almost too preposterous and too messy of a story. Still, I can see why people found the show so entertaining and charming; that is why I recommend you give it a go. Onto my more detailed Good Omens review!

The biggest perk for me was David Tennant and his character, Crowley. I absolutely loved the whole vibe of this character. He is essentially a diva of a demon who does his own thing to the soundtrack of Queen but has a soft spot for the stuttering angel, Aziraphale. Their relationship was my second favorite part of the show, but I do think Crowley contributed most to this dynamic. (I also think the conversations Good Omens started on queer relationships and whether the show is queerbaiting were very interesting.)

Besides those two characters, there were just too many characters. There was too much going on in all aspects of the show, from characters to plot lines. I felt like the show was really following about three or four different storylines: 1) Of course Crowley and Aziraphale, 2) The four kids, which reminded me of Stranger Things (for full transparency, I never watched Stranger Things), 3) “witch hunter” Pulcifier and “witch” Anathema, 4) “the last witch hunter” whom I shall call Mr. Green and his “witch” Madam Tracy, and 5) all the other side characters, including the other demons, angels, wicked four, etc.

See? There’s a lot going on there, and it’s too much. Additionally, I didn’t feel like the format or structure of the show went well with all of the storylines. Even though the series was only six episodes long, everything felt too long. Each episode was, as I said, one hour and it just felt much. It was odd because it felt like a lot was going on, yet nothing was happening at the same time, so the story dragged. I think it may have been all the exposition rather than action. There is a lot of exposition by narration. I decided to finish the series because it was only six episodes long, but I think what would have worked better is twelve half-hour episodes.

Good Omens Review

Also, let’s be real, I was most invested in Crowley and Aziraphale, yet I questioned sometimes if they were truly the leads as the show wants to make us believe with all the promos and pictures. I think if the show had focused on those two more with clear leads, I would have been better engaged, but it flip flopped too often among all the different plot lines. Yes, all characters technically come together for the grand scheme of things, but not until the very end and in a very predictable manner. The scattered focus resulted in my loving some episodes and hating others (my favorite episode was the third one). 

This was exacerbated by the fact that the only real chemistry I sensed was Crowley and Aziraphale. No one else had much chemistry, whether it was among the different teams of characters or even among the characters within one team. The prime example is Anathema and Pulcifier. Their story line was not developed well enough, so they had no real chemistry or dynamic. The few times they interact with the other “teams,” such as Adam and his friends or the Aziraphale/Crowley duo, it was hard to feel they were on the same side. Everyone was sort of doing their own thing.

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And I get it. The show is supposed to be quirky, silly fun. I like quirky. I like silly. I love shows that don’t take themselves seriously, but some parts were just so ridiculous and everything was put together so haphazardly that even going in expecting ridiculousness was not enough to prepare me for just how preposterous things would get. The story overall made little sense. Plot devices seemed to have been smashed together to get the story moving, and it barely gets moving. There were so many holes. I wonder what they even took seriously (which sounds harsh but I mean to say it is purely a joy ride). 

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Going back to the flow, it was just conflict resolution conflict resolution conflict resolution. There will be a huge buildup for a conflict and then there will be an immediate, short resolution. The visuals were nice and fun. The cinematography was fine. The music was fun and fit the show, especially the Queen tracks. The narration (by Frances McDormand) was neither a plus nor a minus. It was just there, like a lot of things in the show. Could we have focused on the four evil whatevers less? Yes. Yes we could have. 

There were some genuinely amusing moments and fun characters. And weirdly, I really wanted to like the show. Normally I am fine embracing my dislike for something everyone else likes. But even now I’m torn between not liking the show and really wanting to like the show, but I think the only real saving grace for me was David Tennant as Crowley. And one man and character cannot carry the show.

Acting-wise for the others, they were all fine. To be fair, I don’t think the actors had much to work with. That’s why David Tennant and Sam Taylor Buck (who plays Adam) were my favorites. They had good lines and character development. I did not like Mr. Green (I’m calling him this because the actor played Mr. Green in Clue) as a character at all. I thought he was annoying and unnecessary. I really liked Mad Men’s Jon Hamm as Gabriel; he reminded me a bit of Chris from Parks & Recreation. Anathema had a lot of charm, but nothing else. Pulcifier, while adorable, was basically wallpaper.

One other positive aspect to note is the ending test. So when I put off watching the ending, it is usually because I don’t quite want it to end. I can usually predict if it will leave me feeling hollow after, so I try to ward that off—and that actually did happen with this show. I hesitated to finish it. That’s a really good sign. That means it was good enough that if it ended, I would feel… forsaken? Left behind? And that did happen. The ending was poignant, and that feeling lingered. I again attribute it mostly to Crowley and his relationship with Aziraphale, but when a show leaves you feeling like that… (does Italian kiss into air).

Good Omens Holmes siblings
Hey look! The Holmes siblings.

In conclusion to my Good Omens review, my rating may seem low but it’s because, despite my relative enjoyment of the series and newfound love for David Tennant, there were lots of issues and shortcomings. It was certainly better than average, but not quite good (I will be thinking in a British voice for a few more days now).

Having said that, I would like to try the second season if one comes out. Maybe that story line would suit me better. I recommend you try it, as well, to see if it works for you! This is the first review I had where I personally did not like it that much but would recommend it because I genuinely think it could vibe well with other people. Also, honestly, just watch it for Crowley.

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