4 healing YouTube vloggers for when you need them most

We’re all bored at home right now, which is the perfect time to get sucked into the endless void that is YouTube. However, right now is also when people are hit by some major lows in their energy. We think it’s the perfect time for relaxing with YouTube, but our mutineering brains think it’s the perfect time for a heavy dose of anxiety, a dash of self-loathing, and a truck-full of depression. (When don’t our brains think it’s the perfect time for that, though?) Taking all that into consideration, I specifically compiled a list of healing YouTube vloggers I watch that will address both the need for entertainment and a major mood boost.

To be completely honest, I am very picky with the channels that I stay subscribed to, so this list isn’t very long. At the end, I added a few more channels I like to watch once in a while. I hope these recommendations help you during this time!

(The list is not in any particular order, but I did give some notes to help you decide what you need right now or how this channel might help you.)

1 – Cari Cakes

I absolutely love this girl! She is my favorite travel vlogger to watch. Cari Cakes is a Californian currently living in South Korea. When you are feeling a bout of wanderlust or boredom, you can watch her not only to escape for a short while but also to return with more gratitude. She brings a lot of attention to the little things in life that we tend to take for granted, like walking to a local cafe to get a drink and dessert. Her videos are very optimistic and colorful, but she will also be real with you when she’s not feeling her best.

Good for: boredom, restlessness

2 – Plan:D

Sort of the opposite of Cari Cakes, if you are feeling like all you want in life right now is a sense of normalcy and calm rather than adventure, turn to Plan:D. This South Korean vlogger is extremely relaxing as she shows snippets of her life as a homebody. There is something so soothing about how she takes her time with daily tasks and genuinely enjoys what others might find tedious. She gets very creative with what she cooks in her kitchen and makes in her sewing room. There is this relaxing rhythm to her vlogs that will make you feel all warm, cozy, and relaxed.

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Good for: anxiety, depression

3 – Kalyn Nicholson/KOZE

Kalyn has been a constant in all of my YouTube subscribing/unsubscribing chaos. She has a great personality, always driven toward self-improvement, love, and kindness. She is also very real about the hardships she goes through and will talk openly about them. If you need inspiration or have questions about life, she might be the friend you need. She vlogs on her main channel but shares advice on her secondary channel, KOZE.

Good for: low self-esteem, loneliness

4 – Rowena Tsai

Another bubbly and relatable persona is Rowena Tsai. She seems very down-to-earth, self-reflective, and hardworking. She shares good advice from self-help books she reads and, like all the other channels, has a great aesthetic. Sometimes you just have to surround yourself with warm people, and if Kalyn seems like a good friend, Rowena has a soothing familial vibe.

Good for: self-doubt, lack of motivation

Of course the Good for’s are just guidelines. Everybody is different and these healing YouTube vloggers can help address many different problems. For example, I would say they’re all good for depression or loneliness, but I added the Good for‘s in case they help you find something faster! Either way, I would give all of the above channels a try.

Need even more healing YouTube vloggers to watch? I also enjoy Ashley, DearNessie, Bubzvlogz, seoha, Christy Anne Jones, and Sissel.

Let me know which of these help or whom you’ve already watched. Also let me know of any recommendations you may have! Again, I’m picky, but I’m always looking for more inspiring content and people to discover.

Comment below, and I hope you feel better soon! If not, you can get more tips on coming out of a funk here as well as stay tuned for more content I will be releasing to help us get through this!


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