[Quiz] Which Pride & Prejudice sister are you?

How do you behave around a romantic interest?

1. the. most. aggressive. flirting. ever.
2. meh I'm not interested #single4lyfe
3. spend time with them to get to know them better
4. pine from afar--that's what social media is for
5. giggle at everything and make a fool of thyself

You were told a funny joke! You...

1. chuckle
2. smile
3. don't get it
4. snort
5. giggle

What is family to you?

1. a useful resource
2. my besties for life!
3. an embarrassment...
4. the most valuable thing in life
5. a burden, a pressure

How do you keep yourself educated?

1. observe people and society
2. I don't
3. I'm smart enough already
4. listen to educated people
5. read, read, read

Pick something very millennial.

1. avocado toast
3. Twitter wars
4. millennial pink
5. podcasts

All 5 questions completed!

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[Quiz] Which Pride & Prejudice sister are you?

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