It’s all about the process, not the results

You may be like, “Wait a minute girl, just the other day you were going on about everything I need to reach a goal and now you’re saying screw the goals?” No, no, no, goals are important, but you’re never going to reach them if you focus on the goals the whole time. It’s all about the process.

Remember how I emphasized vision and planning? If not, go back and read or reread the post. What is vision and planning all about? They are about the process. So many people focus on the results that they forgot all about the process. They are so elated at the idea of reaching those goals, of the feelings associated with achieving those goals, that they are temporarily satisfied every time and brush off the actual work that will go into getting there. It is messing with your drive, the third essential part of chasing your dreams.

I shared a great article a few weeks back on Twitter about the problem with vision boards and wanted to reiterate this important message:

It’s all about the process, not the results. Click To Tweet

Do not envision getting that job or publishing your book and the feelings that come with that. Envision the grueling work before that–the constant reaching out to new people and the draft after draft you write late into the night. The process is going to feel a lot less fulfilling when imagined, but this is the cold, hard truth of what you will need to do to get to where you want to go. You will be better equipped to tackle the task at hand if you know and accept what you’re getting yourself into. 

It's all about the process, not the results

It helps to envision your life as a movie. My favorite part of any movie or TV series is rarely the ending. It is usually near the beginning or the middle, wherever there’s a drastic change in the character, anything that sparks and ignites a flame within them, acting as a catalyst for everything else. Whenever they show grit.

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There is great satisfaction in seeing Michelle Trachtenberg’s character in Ice Princess reconcile with her mother and show everyone her ice skating prowess in the competition. Sure. But it’s even more satisfying to see all the work she puts in to get there. Her success doesn’t magically happen. 

My favorite part of Mulan is when she swears to make something out of herself by chopping off her hair and riding off to war. That is one of my all-time favorite sequences. Another favorite movie moment is in Legally Blonde, when Elle Woods decides to show everyone who doubts her what she’s truly capable of and ignites a montage of her studying her ass off to the tune of Joanna Pacitti’s “Watch Me Shine.” 

Legally Blonde

Envision yourself in these montages. You are the hero of your own story, and you will never make it to the end without getting through the montage of hard work. Sure it looks easier in a movie–the shots are cut and pasted together, but that’s just yet another excuse holding you back.

Stop trying to manifest excellence in your life by not doing anything yourself. Stop living in the illusory Fantasyland your brain has incarcerated you in using false emotions as the cold, iron bars. Stop staring longingly at your vision board instead of pulling out your calendar and scheduling what needs to get done NOW. Get a move on, and just do it! Fuel the gruel. Sweat and bet on yourself. You can do it! So do it! It will be hard, ruthlessly so, but it can be done.

In the end, the process will be the most rewarding aspect of it all. And you’ll only truly feel like you deserved the result after going through the process. Let’s do this!


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