The three things you must have to reach a goal

I will tell you right now the last one will be the very hardest to actually have. Many people get stuck at number one or at number two, but I believe in my heart that the most get stuck at number three. I have been there for quite a while now–but enough with the vagueness. What exactly are the three things every person needs to have in order to reach a goal?

The three things you must have to reach a goal

First is vision, second is planning. You need to have a vision, possibly before you have anything else, whether it’s a promotion at work, your dream apartment, the ideal married life, or weekend movie night. You need a vision, because vision gives hope, and hope is life. People can try to skip this part, but then they will find the task as tedious as picking up the necessary items off a to-do list at the grocery store. Sure, it’s all planned out so you don’t waste your time, money, and food, but it’s hardly titillating.

With vision, you can go around splurging on unnecessary spices and food that you would never get but it’s on sale so why the fork not? Then for dinner, you can create the Yzma-level concoction you’ve always imagined. It may be wonderful, it may be not. If you are missing the planning portion, you may possibly get a stomachache and a whole lot of angry zero-wasters outside your door. But it will finally be real. Worth it? Questionable.

See how having vision without planning and planning without vision could work for certain people? See how normally people fit more into one or the other? We got the rigid planners. We got the crazy dreamers. We got a little bit of in-between because we just don’t give a fork, but see how much better things would be if we had both in equal parts?

Still… there’s something missing, isn’t there?

And that’s drive.

What you absolutely need to reach a goal. The hardest motherforker to capture in a mason jar. Sometimes you think you got it, but like a firefly, it keeps blinking in and out noncommittally. You got the vision. You got the plan. Now you got to do the plan so the vision can come true, but you flop on the couch and turn on Parks & Rec (damn you, Amy Poehler!).

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What people lack most is the drive to reach a goal. We either stay stuck in our heads dreaming about all we can accomplish or we write pages and pages of Shit-To-Do Lists that don’t ever convert to Shit-Is-Done Lists.

It sounds like I’m talking about motivation, but it’s not. I don’t like the idea of motivation because so many people rely on the spirits of Mo to move them, like Shakira’s magical hips that have a mind of their own. Drive is the force propelling you towards that vision, on the pathway of the plans you’ve created. It requires not motivation, but self-discipline. And if you are still unsure, you may need to return to the first two. Do you have a clear enough vision? Do you have a solid enough plan? You may lack drive because you lack vision, a solid plan, and/or self-discipline.

You have everything you need before you. Despite how it may have seemed so far, vision, planning, and drive do not have to be in that order. You need a purpose to have drive, and your purpose can be to work on your vision or your plan, which can then spark the drive to fulfill that very vision and plan.

Vision -> Planning -> Drive

Drive -> Vision -> Planning

Envision this as an infinite loop. You can always use one to work on the other, but you will eventually need all three to get to where you want to be.

So just do it. Do one, do the others, then have all three and get it done.

And for extra, here is a bit of luck from me, because I am definitely cheering you on from the outside. Best of luck and lots of love!


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